We prepare these matters carefully and can obtain relevant psychological, personal and medical materials to assist you in arguing for a reduction or discharge of your fines. If the fines cannot be discharged, we can advocate for you to have your fines converted to community work or a payment plan instead of serving a term of imprisonment.

The Fines Reform Act 2014 (Vic) governs the law as it relates to infringement fines. You may be eligible to have your fines reduced or discharged if you meet the criteria set out in section 165 of the Fines Reform Act.

If the Court is satisfied that you have have —

  • A mental or intellectual impairment, disorder, disease or illness
  • Special circumstances apply

The Court may —

  • Discharge the fines in full
  • Discharge a portion of the outstanding fines
  • Discharge a portion of the outstanding fines and make a payment plan in relation to the balance
  • Adjourn the matter for up to 6 months

Alternatively, if the Court is satisfied that having regard to your situation, imprisonment would be excessive, disproportionate and unduly harsh the Court may discharge some or all of your fines.

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